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Addiction has been ravaging the world for centuries, yet lifelong sobriety continues to elude many who search after it earnestly. Why is this? The current uninspired success rates for sustained, long-term sobriety provide a significant clue to this question. It appears that there is a conceptual link absent from the addiction-recovery and relapse prevention processes: the ability to harness the power of one’s individuality in a productive and beneficial way. Although many treatment programs teach generalized recovery concepts, Fully Alive: Using Your Individuality to Conquer Addiction adopts a more personalized approach to developing, and then preserving, a rewarding life of sobriety.

Packed with self-diagnosing worksheets, multiple full-color infographics, and a revolutionary recovery tool called ‘The Sobriety Blueprint’, this detailed plan maps out your new life in a format that is instinctive, purposeful, and based upon the most important part of your recovery—YOU. By strategically focusing on your unique personality, likes, dislikes, interests, talents, and past failures, particularly when creating a plan of attack, your recovery becomes an extension of who you are, and thus more natural and gratifying. The practical advice, in-depth techniques, and real-life insights laid out to you in this action guide are powerful weapons to help you cultivate a deep-rooted, rock-solid recovery foundation. In addition, we will explore the fundamental task of devising a battle plan for relapse prevention. This, combined with The Sobriety Blueprint gives you the firepower to protect against the constant barrage of cravings, urges and triggers commonly experienced during the volatile first year of sobriety.


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