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The Roapmap to Lasting Sobriety.jpg

The Roadmap to

Lasting Sobriety

Accountability Partner Diagnosis Workshe

Accountability Partner Diagnosis Worksheet

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Relapse Diagnosis Worksheet 

Finding An Accountability Partner Checkl

Finding an Accountability Partner Checklist

instructions for creating a personal sob

Creating a PersonalizeD

Sobriety Blueprint

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Example Sobriety Blueprint

The Four Cornerstones of a Rock-Solid Fo

The Four Cornerstones to a Rock Solid Recovery Foundation


The Ultimate

Relapse Triggers

Tips For Surviving The Volatile First Ye

Tips for surviving the  volatile First Year of Sobriety

4. Fully Alive Detox Chart.jpg

Fully Alive 

Detox Chart

List_of_Exercises_You_Can_Do_Anywhere 1.

List of exercises

 you can do



Grocery List for

Early Sobriety


The 10 benefits

of rehab


The Desire to Change Worksheet

The Desire to Change worksheet provided examines your past to create your future. Your recovery gets started in the right direction by focusing on the real reason you are making a change. This writeable worksheet is designed to awaken in you the powerful emotion of DESIRE. Without the steadfast DESIRE to make a real, permanent change in your life, it will be challenging to sustain anything enduring and worthwhile. This worksheet will help you pinpoint danger signs you are currently experiencing or areas of your life that addiction has destroyed. Keeping a mindful eye on your past missteps helps you chart out a more victorious recovery. The second half of the worksheet is designed to remind you of the reason(s) you want this new life. What is going to be different this time? Setting realistic, measurable goals will keep you motivated during the often tumultuous first year of sobriety.

The Power of Self-Reflection Worksheet

The Power of Self-Reflection worksheet will assist you in discovering the root cause of your addiction or the frequent, infuriating relapse problem you are experiencing. You cannot build a strong recovery foundation until you identify and resolve the real reason your addiction began destroying your life. The ability to self-reflect on your past, present and future is vital to a healthy, lasting sobriety. Without this important skill, it will be impossible to build a rock-solid recovery foundation. If you figure out the root cause of your addiction at the start of your journey, navigating the minefield of early recovery becomes much more manageable. If you know what to be on the lookout for, relapse can be avoided with greater success. Use this worksheet to discover WHY and WHEN your addiction began. With this knowledge in hand, you can create a plan of attack that can withstand temptations, cravings and triggers relentlessly. Make this a top priority from Day 1.


"My Personal Sobriety Blueprint" Templates

The Sobriety Blueprint template will act as your roadmap to lasting, fulfilling sobriety. Spend time contemplating on each section of The Sobriety Blueprint, which is your lifeline in early sobriety. If you follow it faithfully every day, you will succeed and stay happy. The first year of sobriety is dangerous, so having a well-thought-out plan in place to prevent relapse is critical for long-term growth. The templates below are designed to make it easier for you to create your first Sobriety Blueprint. Simply download the template you want and fill in your personal information. DO NOT RUSH THIS. Take your time and really think about each section of the plan. This is a keystone of your recovery journey and will guide you daily during early sobriety

It does not matter which version of the template you use. The most important thing is that you keep a copy (digital and print versions) close to you and accessible at all times. The first year of sobriety is unpredictable; the more safety nets you have in place, the better. If you want step-by-step instructions on how to fill out the template correctly, please examine the Instructions for Filling-out your Sobriety Blueprint PDF or look over the example (filled-in) Sobriety Blueprint (links above). You can also explore everything in Chapter 13: The Sobriety Blueprint.

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